We’ve all heard how changing your pillowcase daily helps fight acne, illnesses and allergies, but seriously, how many people will take the time to do that? The current pillowcases are inconvenient which results in people spending approximately one-third of their lives sleeping on not so clean pillowcase which are a haven for dust mites, bed bugs, fungus, dirt, oil, bacteria and more.  FaceSecret makes it easy. FaceSecret is the ONLY fitted, slipover, drawstring and one size fits most pillowcase.  FaceSecret is extremely easy to apply and does not slip off in the night like conventional pillowcases.

Available in two different materials – Satin-Polyester (available in pink, grey and white) and Jersey Cotton (available in grey and white), the FaceSecret pillowcase uses quarter inch woven elastic meaning that it won’t snap  – and has its elastic pull-tie drawstring. FaceSecret, with or without an existing pillowcase, ensures a snug fit on the smallest of pillows all the way up to King-size—one size fits most!

Plus, the Satin-Polyester is proven to be essential for the healthy skin and helps with anti-aging (keeps skin smooth on pillowcase and protects delicate areas around face) and to prevent bead head (allows hair to glide rather than tug and damage hair).

For those that travel and like the peace of mind of a clean cover, FaceSecret comes in a travel bag that easily fits into a suitcase.